Case study

FearFree is more than a training provider. We offer a range of services, and we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships. Here's an example of how FearFree can help a business.

Locate staff security

Our relationship with this client (a major government department) started with a seminar for health and safety managers. At the seminar, Craig met the department's security staff, and the result was a review of security for the corporate services facilities nationwide. For the review, FearFree was first out the blocks in using what was then the new government Protective Security Requirements (PSR) as a framework for organisational security.


The security review led to FearFree traveling the country to supply training for all of the department's frontline corporate services personnel. The training was based around FearFree's 2013 H&S-Award-finalist customer conflict and de-escalation course, but specifically tailored for the department.


As a result of the long-standing relationship, and in recognition of FearFree's expertise, we were then asked to consult on the physical security aspects of all new builds for the department. This led to the exciting opportunity to develop the framework governing the Incident Response Team at the department's headquarters. FearFree developed the policies and procedures governing the team's formation, deployment and operations, and had substantive input into all aspects of the building's security and layout.

Review and refresh

FearFree's input into layout went nationwide, with FearFree called in to review building alterations. FearFree was then asked to develop e-learning platforms to reinforce our F2F training and aid in new staff induction.

So, all in all, FearFree:

Located staff security within the broader H&S environment and PSR legislative environment
•  Provided independent advice
• Crossed multiple facets of the department nationwide
•  Encompassed all frontline staff
•  Created a lasting relationship