What We Do

We provide expert security consultation and training

Site Reviews

FearFree reviews sites to check key security and safety infrastructure, and to see your people and processes in action. We produce reports showing the current status of your security and safety.

Policy & Procedure Analysis

Your practices are only as good as your policies and procedures. After many years of writing P&P, our experts have a pretty good idea of what they should look like...


Site reviews and policy analyses need to be considered within the framework of your organisation. FearFree provides recommendations aimed at all organisational levels, from the strategic Board level through to operations.

Training Design

Your organisational structure will determine who needs to be trained, what they need to be trained in and how best to deliver that training. We work with you to personalise content and ensure the most efficient methods of delivery.

Training & E‑Learning

We then implement training for your security and safety delivering both face-to-face and, where appropriate, through e-learning. FearFree is famed for its Customer Conflict Awareness course (2013 H&S Awards finalist ), which focuses on de-escalation decision making. Our training course list is extensive: see here.

Who We Are

FearFree is New Zealand's premier security and safety consultancy. Since 2009 FearFree has provided security and safety reviews, recommendations, training and qualifications in compliance and investigation for organisations in the private sector, as well as central and local government bodies, and NGO's in New Zealand and abroad.


The FearFree team boasts a combined 200 years or so of experience at the highest levels of the NZ Police. Our Managing Director was trained at the United Nations Staff College in Turin, and our educational boffins have vast and international experience. FearFree's expertise in our field is unparalleled in New Zealand.

Respectful People

Being experts means we can be relaxed, confident and friendly. Our job is to listen to you and develop solutions for your environment's security, safety and training needs. You know what you want - we listen to you and tailor our products to see that you get it.

Our clients

Obviously we can't go into specifics - that's not being security or safety concious - but our clients include most city and district councils in New Zealand, some of the largest government departments, NGO's, and major companies in the private sector. As an example of how we can help our clients, check out this case study, and let us know if you need referees; we - and our previous clients - are happy to be of service.

How We Do It

We provide expert security consultation and training

Site Reviews

FearFree site reviews are undertaken using a United Nations developed framework. We visit under usual business conditions, and watch and listen to your staff in action, understanding what you do and why you do it.

Policy & Procedure Analysis

FearFree analyses your P&P with regard to current security industry best practice and locates your organisation within the legislative compliance framework that currently exists.


We then derive recommendations personalised to your organisation from site reviews and policy analysis findings. Our staff have expertise at all organisational levels, from Board directorships to operations.

Training Design

We have seen your operations, and understand their rationale. Now, by talking to your experts (HR, training managers and the like) FearFree designs training tailored to the content you need and delivered in the most efficient way for your organisation.

Training & E‑Learning

FearFree trains by locating people in their practice. From full-blown scenario training to gamified e-learning, our training focuses on conversation – leading to better decision making.

What We Value


From interviewing key site informants, to designing training with your training manager, to the delivery of our award finalist course, Customer Conflict Awareness, FearFree engages your organisations and staff in conversation about what you do and how you do it. Conversation means listening and leads to better decision making.

Decision Making

Your security and safety relies on sound decision making. FearFree's expertise provides you and your staff with all the information you require to feel empowered to make sound decisions.


FearFree's conversational focus means we can base our training in the situation in which you are going to use it. Locating people in their practise, and empowering them to make the decisions that will keep them safe is what FearFree strives for.

Coming to You

FearFree comes to you in every way we work: from reviewing your sites to recommendations for your organisation, to the delivery of your training, whether it's your face-to-face or e-learning.