What We Do

We provide expert security consulting and conflict management training for your frontline staff.

Security assessments

FearFree organisational security assessments check key safety and security infrastructure and evaluate people and processes in action. Check your current status against security best practice.

Policy & Procedure Analysis

Security policies & procedures are analysed against the PSR and contemporary security best practice guidelines. Sound security practices require best practice security policies and procedures. 

Reports and recommendations

Gaps from security assessments and analyses inform recommendations appropriate for all organisational levels, from Board level through to operations. 



Training Design

Security cultures require all staff understanding how to put policies & procedures into practice. Every organisation is different: FearFree works with you to personalise training for your staff.

Staff Security Awareness Training

Safety and security training is implemented in the most appropriate way for your organization. Our training course list is extensive: see here.

Who We Are

FearFree is New Zealand's premier safety and security consultancy. Since 2009 FearFree has provided safety and security consulting reviews, training for conflict management and de-escalation for front line staff.

Expert security consultants

FearFree’s consulting and training team boasts a combined 200 years plus experience at the highest levels of the NZ Police and training from the United Nation’s staff college. FearFree’s expertise in protective security practice is unparalleled in      New Zealand. 


We are confident in our expertise, but our job is to listen to you and develop solutions to make your organisation more safe, secure and resilient. We pride ourselves on our ability to engage with our clients and personalise our products to their needs. 

Our clients

Our clients include government ministries, most city and district councils around New Zealand, NGOs and major companies in the private sector. For examples of our security consulting see our PSR security consulting case studies, and let us know if you need referees; we – and our previous clients – are happy to be of service. 

How We Do It

We provide expert security consulting and training for your risk management

Facility assessments

FearFree Facility assessments are undertaken using a PSR/UN framework. FearFree security consultants visit your facilities under all operational modes, to watch and listen to your staff in action. 

Policy & Procedure Analysis

FearFree looks at your security policy and procedures using an overlay of current security industry best practice to determine if they are fit for purpose. We identify any gaps that may exist in your current security capability. 


We use the PSR to identify the appropriate security capability level for the risks your organisation faces and provide recommendations designed to fill identified gaps. Our staff have expertise at all organisational levels, from Board directorships to operations.

Training Design

Understanding your security practices and their rationale, FearFree designs training tailored to the content you need, and delivers it in the most efficient way for your organisation. 

Training & E‑Learning

FearFree trains by locating people in their practice. From full-blown scenario training to gamified e-learning, our training focuses on conversation – leading to better decision making.


What We Value


From interviewing key facility personnel, to designing security training with your development manager, to the delivery of our award finalist Customer Conflict Awareness course, FearFree engages your organisation and staff in conversation about what you do and how you do it. Conversation means listening and leads to better decision making.

Sound Decision Making

Your security and safety relies on sound decision making. FearFree's expertise provides you and your staff with all the information you require to feel empowered to make sound decisions.


FearFree's conversational focus means we can base our training in the situation in which you are going to use it. Locating people in their practise, and empowering them to make the decisions that will keep them safe is what FearFree strives for.

Coming to You

FearFree comes to you in every way we work: from reviewing your sites to recommendations for your organisation, to the delivery of your training, whether it's your face-to-face or e-learning.